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Riding safely

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10 tips for cycling

10 tips fpr riding your bicycle safely.

NSW Road Rules

A bicycle is considered a vehicle and cyclists are required to obey the NSW road rules.

Bicycle safety

Riding defensively and scanning the road can improve your safety.

Cycling skills training

To improve your skills, your local council or bicycle group may be able to assist you.

Bicycle maintenance

The condition of your bicycle can make your journey safe, smooth and more enjoyable.

Road safety education

The NSW Government implements the NSW Road Safety Education Program.

Gear to keep you safe

Helmets and safety gear, including reflectors, front and rear lights on your bicycle are required when riding.

A Handbook for Bicycle Riders

This web version of the handbook is an interpretation of the law made easy to understand by using plain English.

Riding in groups

Advice about how to cycle safely in groups outlining important road rules for cyclists.

Report a hazard
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