NSW cycleway maps

Maps of cycleways produced by New South Wales Government agencies and local councils are provided here.

CyclewayFinder is an online app which displays separated cycle paths, on-road cycle environments, motorway/freeway shoulders and areas where cycles are not currently allowed.

Many of the maps have been designed to display entire local government areas or regions (usually A0 size), to provide you with the full context for locating your desired cycleway. The list will be added to regularly as new maps become available.

If you want to print out a section of your map, just follow these simple steps:

  • Select the map you wish to view (it is a .pdf and will open in Adobe Reader)
  • Use the Adobe zoom tool to display the section you require (so the print out will match what you see on screen) adobe zoom tool image
  • Click 'Print'
  • Select 'Current view' option and click 'OK'


Select a region or view the full list of maps:

Map of NSW Link to Western maps Link to South Western maps Link to Northern maps Link to Hunter maps Link to Central Coast maps Link to Sydney maps Link to Southern maps
Map of Sydney Link to Outer West and Blue Mountains maps Link to Sydney Western maps Link to Sydney Northern maps Link to Sydney Southern maps

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